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Our experienced coaches, and data scientists conduct regular training (public and in-house) to teach the current and next generation of data analysts on a wide variety of topics, business intelligence skills and tools.

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Companies and brands with an active digital presence benefit from social media exposure particularly among millennials who are the world’s biggest group of digital natives. Digital savvy Filipinos take to online channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and interact with many apps on their computers, tablets and mobile several times throughout the day. These platforms bridge organizations, brands, celebrities and influencers together with millions of people every day. But more than that, these online connections are also rich with social data, which can be leveraged to provide deep insights to help you grow and improve different aspects of your business–whether in advertising communications, customer service, operations, distribution, and even product development.

Get to the heart of what’s happening to your digital presence. With Cobena’s expertise in data analytics and digital strategy consulting, we can then combine your Digital A & A results with your offline data, sales information and other market performance metrics so you get the full picture of where you stand in the marketplace. Then, our consultants will work with you and your team to help translate these powerful insights into breakthrough innovation to power your business forward.

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